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Fake Cactus Wifi Router - 2020

Dual-band Orchid - 2020

Space Capsules of the world - Chess Set, 2022 (12L14 Steel)
This was one of the first projects to come out of our lathe. Spencer and I purchased an old early 2000’s CNC lathe and got it up and running last year. This concept has been idling in my head for a while and it has been great to see it finally manifest on the chess board. All the pieces are created from the silhouettes of space capsules from around the world. 
Pawn - Volstok, Rook - Dragon I, Knight - Dragon II, Bishop - Gemini, Queen - Soyuz, King - Apollo

3D Print of snap together model of greek torso - 2014

SD card in Amber (resin) [created after a concept render] - 2013

DeathOS Sculputre - 2015